2021 Officer Nominations

Pursuant to the By-Laws of The Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of REALTORS, the nominations committee has nominated the following for 2021 Officers.

Lisa Oden: President (previously elected)
Karren Amidon: President Elect
Nakia  Brooks: Treasurer
Sarah Stovall:   Past President

(3-year NAMAR Board of Directors)
Trey Hunt: BOD – 2023
Rano Khudayberdieva: BOD – 2023
Joan Shanks: BOD – 2023
Vicki Dyer: BOD – 2023
Denise Quinlan: BOD – 2023

(Previously elected)
Vance  Kimber: BOD -2022
Gretchen Ozburn: BOD -2022
Young Ja Kim: BOD -2022
Michael Blackburn: BOD -2022
Pat Hackley: BOD -2022
Susan Kliesen: BOD -2021
Kathy  Haddock: BOD -2021
Danny Emmett: BOD -2021
Sandra Herring: BOD -2021
Shaunette Young: BOD -2021

(Appointed NAMAR Board of Directors)
Stephanie McClusky: Committee Coordinator 2021
Karen Oakes: WCR President
YPN: Tiara Thomas
Commercial: Kathryn Umstead

Georgia REALTOR Association State Board of Directors
Karren Amidon: Chair Pres Elect
Lisa Oden: 2021 President
Tracy   Archer: Filling in for Treasurer (1 year)
Kathy  Haddock: GAR Director 2022
Vicky Dyer: GAR Director 2022
Rano Khudayberdieva: GAR Director 2022
Susan  Kliesen: GAR Director 2022
Tom Gillett: GAR Director 2022
Sarah  Stovall: GAR Director 2022
Mario  Fermin: GAR Director 2022
Karen  Oakes: GAR Director 2022
Marla  Moulder : GAR Director 2022
Kathy  Burman: GAR Director 2022
Stephanie McClusky: GAR Director 2022
Shaunette Young: GAR Director 2022
Mike Canova: GAR Director 2022
Gretchen Ozburn: GAR Director 2021
Michael Blackburn: GAR Director 2021
Pat Hackley: GAR Director 2021
Mike Moulder: GAR Director 2021
Denise Quinlan: GAR Director 2021
Alternates 2021: Andrea Wright – Elise Jordan (3 TBD)