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All CE Classes below are offered at NAMAR – 2145 Duluth Highway, Duluth, GA 30097.   Click here for Directions.

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Please note: Our classes are filling up and we have a wait list for most classes. Therefore, no shows will be invoiced $15. Please email janet@namar.org 24 hours prior to class time if you are unable to attend the class.



Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) / June 26 & 27, 2017
9:00 am – 4:00 pm / $245 / 12 CE Credits
Instructor: Tom Gillett
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This designation award by the SRS Council, LLP, has been delivered nationwide to REALTORS only and has received rave reviews. (Non-REALTOR licensees do not qualify for this designation). This 2-day program focuses on providing the REALTOR practitioner with the tools necessary to represent seller clients in a variety of formats. Particular attention is given to differing listing models, office policies, field issues, legal and code ramifications to representing sellers in today’s changing environment. Topics include manual and e-methods of procuring listings, securing the listing, staging the property, and marketing venues, representing the seller client when converting consumer inquiries, co-broking with cooperating agents, protecting the interests of the client when fielding multiple offers, negotiating the offer and inspection phase issues, in addition to following the pending transaction to closing.

Sponsored by 2-10 Home Buyers, McDonnell Law Firm, Success Mortgage, Gas South

SAVE $65! Take the CCT class which combines the core ABR course and SRS course. This results in a 4 day focus of building a real estate business. Approved for 25 Hour Post License Credit. Approved for scholarship through the GAR Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
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Social Media / June 29, 2017
9:30 am – 12:45 pm / $20 Members / $30 Non Members
Instructor: Andrea Wright
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Learn how to intigrate social media into your business to generate leads.
Sponsored by IPA Family

A Strategic Approach to Working with Buyer Clients / July 11, 2017
$20.00 members / $40.00 non-members / 3 Hour CE Credit
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Do Multiple Buyer Clients have you a little stressed out? Are you running in multiple directions and wish there was a better way to stay organized and in control?
Well, we have the WAY! Come and learn a systematic approach to lead your clients through a stress free buying process that will have them raving about you and your service commitments!
Follow the bases and hit a home run every time!
From building your business on the front end to servicing them on the back end you will be equipped to duplicate a top notch client experience that is bound to keep the referrals coming in!
Resources included!
Created and Facilitated by: Holly A. Fogel—Coach on Demand

Sponsored by ProTech Home Inspections 

Matrix 102: Working with CMAs, Statistics and Hotsheets / July 18, 2017
10:00 am – 1: 15 pm / 3 CE Credits / $10 Members / $20 Non Members
Instructor: Sallie Mobley
When preparing for a listing presentation, real estate professionals must be able to provide potential clients with the most current market knowledge, detailed information on recent sales activity and substantiate how this will help in the sale of their home. In this class, students will practice searching the Matrix listing database for comparable properties and recent sold information to create 2 types of CMAs (comparative market analysis): a quick one-page CMA as well as a fully detailed CMA presentation utilizing the CMA Wizard. Students will analyze and customize the content of the CMA report, as well as practice how to save, view, email and manage their CMAs through the CMA history. Students will also explore statistics for properties and generate various charts and graphs based on that statistical information. Students will also create personalized Hotsheet reports which will allow them to see a snap shot of activity based on criteria relevant to their particular business needs. Students will leave with the knowledge needed to prepare a comprehensive CMA to assist in competitively pricing their customer’s home. Students will also leave with the skillset to create statistical and Hotsheet reports relevant to their business needs.  Topics covered include: preparing information for creating a comparative market analysis (CMA) including accessing and viewing the subject property, searching for comparable properties, utilizing the history link to view and understand previous market activity for the subject property; preparing a one-page CMA using the Quick CMA report; how to save, print and email the Quick CMA report to customers; preparing a comprehensive CMA utilizing the CMA wizard; customize the content and format of the CMA report in the wizard; email, manage and view CMA reports; viewing statistical information for various properties; create charts and graphs based on statistical information; setup Hotsheets and customize Hotsheets based on individual business needs; how to manage personal information including adding an agent photo, set email notification preferences and signature preferences for CMAs.

“Deal Killers – How to Avoid the Inspection Related Deal Killer / August 10, 2017

9:30 am – 12:45 pm / 3 CE Credits / $10 Members / $20 Non Members / Includes Breakfast
Instructor: Cal Couch

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In today’s real estate market, transactions are falling apart during due diligence more often than recent past. Unfortunately, the buyer is spending hard earned money on inspections, tests and appraisals and often forfeit that money if the deal doesn’t close. This course objective is to protect the public’s initial investments as well as provide the real estate professional with knowledge that will increase the odds of closing transactions.The course will help real estate professionals learn about today’s INSPECTION related “Deal Killers” so that issues can be addressed before a deal falls through.

Sponsored by Trademark Home Inspections

Matrix 201 Market Analysis Tools and Customization Features / August 17, 2017
10:00 AM – 1:15 PM / $10 Members / $20 Non Members / 3 CE Credits *
Instructor: Sallie Mobley
In this course, students will learn how to take their Matrix skills to the next level with specialized tools and customizable features. Students will use the Market Watch and Hot Sheet widgets to target specific properties; work with advanced statistics by sending creating and charts to a client, viewing a chart from a client point of view, working with presets and utilizing advanced options and styles. Students will customize the search results screen that suits their workflow best, including adding and removing columns, utilizing the auto-fit sizing feature, and saving a customized grid. Students will set up and use Carts to organize properties for their clients. Additionally, students will utilize the Concierge Mode feature, which allows the agent to preview a property before it is emailed out to a client. Finally, students will refine their search skills by incorporating advanced searching techniques using the cross property search, history search, caravan and open house search.
Topics covered include: Customizing the market watch widget to show properties based on price range, location or other property features; perform a map search within the market watch widget; create a customized Hot Sheet through the Hot Sheet widget; working with advanced statistics; working with presets, adding a secondary statistic, using advanced options and styles, sending a chart to a client and viewing chart from a client point of view; customizing results screen by removing and adding columns, using auto-fit, and saving the customized grid; how to create a cart for a client, placing properties in a cart, copying properties from one cart to another, removing items from a cart; setting up concierge mode, approving properties, disabling concierge mode; searching caravans and open houses, perform cross property and history searches.

Realist 101: Utilizing Property Centric Data for Deeper Insight into the Real Estate Market / September 21, 2017
10:00 am -1:15 pm / $10 Members / $20 Non Members / 3 CE Credits
Instructor: Sallie Mobley
In today’s environment access to real estate information is easily accessible online with numerous sites geared to home buyers and sellers- challenging real estate professionals to stay one-step ahead of their clients and competition. In this course, students will learn how to access property centric data compiled from FMLS data, tax records and private data to gain a holistic view of their market. Students will explore and discuss practical applications for tools such as Property Details, Market Trend Reports and Dynamic Mapping, and will practice using them for identifying trends such as median home value, sales activity, and percent of homes in foreclosure by zip code and neighborhood. Students will leave with the knowledge needed to increase performance in providing data to their clients which reinforces their position as highly qualified real estate advisors.
Topics covered include:
• How to search for one or multiple properties by various parameters and export the records into standard mailing label format for marketing purposes
• Execute a search to yield multiple results and extract pertinent information
• How to generate reports to analyze comparables, market trends, and neighborhood/area profiles
• How to create and save customized searches and results grids
• How to use advanced mapping to visualize location and accessibility to key landmarks, spot points of interest, search for properties in a specific geographic area, and quickly identify key indicators (such as foreclosures, listing information, and distressed sales)

Realist 201: Mining Property Data for Greater Insight into the Real Estate Market / October 5, 2017
10:00 am -1:15 pm / $10 Members / $20 Non Members / 3 CE Credits
Instructor: Sallie Mobley
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the unusual circumstances that occur in a real estate professional’s day-to-day business. Today’s agent must be proficient in the software tools he uses in order to obtain the information required by his clients. A buyer may want to know who owns a vacant piece of land that backs up to the property he is considering; an investor may want to know what homes will be sold at auction on the first Tuesday of the next month in a particular county; another client may want specific statistical information that is not available on any other report. This course is formatted uniquely to answer agents’ specific “how do I?” questions and to provide insight on creative ways to use the features covered in the Realist 101 class. Instruction is also provided to help agents use Realist data to promote their businesses and to stay abreast of market trends in a particular area, such as number or percentage of Foreclosures, current active listings, recently sold properties, pending sales and more.
Topics covered include:
• Creating and saving custom searches to retrieve specific information
• Searching for homes in Foreclosure
• Using the Realist Map to refine a search geographically
• How to create and save customized searches and results grids
• Using the Realist Map to refine a search geographically
• Exporting Realist data to spreadsheet software for further manipulation
• Using mapping tools to obtain market data and ownership information